Teen/Young Adult

Finding successful activities for this age bracket can be hard.

How can we use the teens?

    • Allow them to organize the Youth Tourney or a class
    • Water barrier for battles, tourneys or wars
    • Design/make archary targets
    • Help out with set up & pull down etc
    • If the teen/youth is good with a camera, he/she can be the official photographier for the eventMany sports played today are modified sports played in the Middle ages. Nobles & Villagers
      enjoyed a wide range of sports. We can aim to use these sport for this age range.
    • Medieval soccer – A form of soccer was played by kicking a large ball
    • Pitching Quoits – This is an early version of horseshoes where players would pitch a metal or rubber ring over a pin in the center of a patch of clay
    • Skittles – An early form of Bowling
    • A primitive form of badminton with a ball and paddles
    • Stoolball – medieval cricket

Read about Medieval Football

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