Minors have a fascination with games; games are one of the most easiest forms of activities for minors. You can have a set group game times or provide an area with game boards, playing cards to play and make up own games.

Hold!  Game

What better way to teach kids to learn such an important word than by making a game out of it? Have the kids act as goofy as possible as individuals or interacting with each other.. give them plenty of room and encourage them to use the space and have fun with it… then when you yell out Hold! the kids have to freeze in whatever position they were in when you yelled Hold! You can also have the kids run back and forth and they have to stop and freeze when you yell Hold! out. Anyone who moves is out, the last person standing wins.

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Songs, Poems, Plays and Dance

Dance, plays, poems & songs are one of the most fun activities the whole family can enjoy in the SCA. Set in a class or even as entertainment for an event both minors & adults can enjoy these activities.

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